Justifying the cost of 3D Reality Capture

The AEC industry is adopting new technologies at an accelerating pace. 3D Reality Capture is one of those technologies, providing, immeasurable value to any project. It provides complete documentation of the as-built environment. Having precise data helps plan for projects without the expense and worry of unknown interferences and conflicts.


Why should I Invest in 3D Reality Capture

Fast - A single 3D Reality Capture image provides incredibly accurate and rich detail of every aspect of your project.

Accurate - Individual measurements acquired by tape measures are subject to errors. 3D Reality Capture is one of the most accurate form of measurement available, delivering accuracy of a few millimeters or less.

Reduce costs and change orders - Incorporating a 3D Reality Capture into the design of your project assures accurate and complete information, avoiding the cost of equipment rental, manual measurements clashes, change orders, not to mention project delays and headaches.

What are the benefits of BIM

1: Cost and Resource Savings - One significant benefit of BIM is that it provides reliable construction cost estimates long before the construction phase begins.

2: Greater Efficiency and Shorter Project Lifecycles - Generally, the faster you can complete a structure’s construction, the less money you will spend on the project overall. Also, finishing a project on time or early speeds up your eventual return on investment, as occupants can start using the space as soon as possible.

 3: Improved Communications - BIM improves communication among architects, clients, contractors, and other relevant parties involved in the project. That's because BIM relies on a "single source of truth" system: this means that all of the relevant information - including models, estimates, and design notes - are shared and stored from one place. Everyone involved in the project can see the information and even offer suggestions of their own.

Another benefit of BIM is its use on-site - Contractors have access to BIM software on-the-go, so they’re able to construct the building based on the most up-to-date plans and workflow. This also reduces clashes. 

4: Higher Quality Results - Using BIM makes calculations and models more detailed and accurate, and this results in a higher quality structure. Data generation from point cloud data using 3D scanning technology is accurate and reliable, which is why scan to BIM services contribute in the productivity and efficiency of renovation projects. This technology will continue to support the AEC Industry's growth.


Field Visit Billing / Shipping Rates

How are field visits billed? We provide free of charge field visits up to a 10km radius for our customers. Our rate is calculated from 33 Water Street North, Cambridge, On, N1R-3BO. Rates for distances above a 10km radius can be viewed upon checkout selection for the type of service selected.